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Providing Solutions That Work!

AMR is all about creating solutions that work for you and your association or organization.  It's what we do. We have been helping our clients grow and thrive since 1991.  We can help you too.  Whether it be association management, event management or anything in between, we have the flexibility to provide a solution for you.


AMR's Core Values

These core values define our culture and the way we do business.


Trust is a must! It is the most essential ingredient
in accurate and effective communication.
It’s the foundational  
principle that
supports all relationships.

Honesty, Integrity & Respect

When we say we’ll do something, we do it. We are
truthful to the best of our abilities in all of our interactions.
We treat our peers and partners the way we would like to be treated.

Customer Commitment

Our clients are important to us!
They are the center of what we do every day. We
strive to continuously improve their experience and our
product based on their feedback and unique needs.

Exemplary Service

Caring customer service is what we deliver along with
client-focused solutions that exceed expectations.
We own problems, respond quickly and
anticipate needs.

Accountable & Fully Responsible

We take pride in our work by taking
initiative, adding value, and producing
quality work. We are accountable and
responsible for our work.


Our clients, our team members, and our
vendors are our partners. Our partnerships
are key to our mutual growth
and success.

Work/Life Balance

We are committed to fostering an environment of “give and take”.
There will be times when work (our client) needs to come first and times when an individual (the employee)
needs to come first. We are committed to work together to meet the needs of both!

AMR is an association management company (AMC).  This affords us the opportunity to provide you with some huge advantages over going it alone. 

Let us worry about a home office, staffing issues, conference/event planning, event registration, accounting, marketing, membership, etc., etc., so you can focus on achieving your mission and strategic goals!  Share resources from a pool of specialized personnel who will only be tapped as needed, allowing your resources to increase
without major capital investment!  

Need help with your next event?

From smaller board meetings to events drawing thousands of attendees - put the negotiating power and experience of the AMR team behind you.


FUN FACT:  AMR partnered with their
clients to host over 22,000 event
attendees in 2018!


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Use the Request for Proposal (RFP) to walk you through identifying what services you need.

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2.8 million members are served by AMCs.
These are the top five industries represented by those AMCs...



AMC managed associations experience more than three times the growth in net assets and 31 percent more growth in net revenue than those that do not use AMCs.


The collective reach, influence and buying power of AMR translates to

cost and service efficiencies for your organization!

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RFP Request

Use the Request for Proposal (RFP) to walk you through identifying what services you need.

Let's work together

AMR would be honored to partner with your organization. We look forward to hearing from you.

Mailing Address:
37637 Five Mile Rd., #399

Livonia, MI 48154

2123 University Park Drive
Suite 100
Okemos, MI 48864

Phone: 734-677-2270

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