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Leadership and governance are about flexibility and change.  Often times boards can lose sight of what is needed in order to focus on the future sustainability of the organization.  Capacity-building in governance can be a matter of survival for an organization.

Partnering with a governance consultant to develop a curriculum that will redefine and improve the leadership/governance practiced by clients, AMR provides expanded support in the training of board members.

"While serving as the President of the Michigan Society of Professional Surveyors, our Society had the opportunity to retain AMR for services including provision of an Executive Director, daily business operations, accounting, and coordination of a state-wide annual convention. It became apparent that our Society’s historical way of conducting Board of Directors meetings was quite inefficient and in need of an overhaul. Our Directors attended the board education workshop offered by AMR, and this opportunity opened the eyes of our leadership to a more efficient method of conducting business, coordinating efforts, structuring committees, and focusing strategic planning efforts.

Our Board is comprised of volunteers, and optimizing time spent attending Board and committee meetings is critical. The board training workshop offered ideas for capitalizing on time management and implementing strategic planning efforts. It helped refine committee tasks and structures. With effective time management and alternative meeting platforms, our goal is to involve more members with society efforts. AMR has provided a key role in assisting our Society with planning and implementation."

--Chris Lester, P.S.
Past President of the Michigan
Society of Professional Surveyors

Director of Surveying, Gourdie-Fraser, Inc.

"AMR has consistently invested in assuring its clients are exposed to tenets of good governance...not only better decision-making regarding financial management, but also strategic governance. This is key to the advancement of any association."

-- Susan S. Radwan, Leading Edge Mentoring


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